Monday, January 21, 2013

Update on the stomach bug

Julie is very sick as of 5am yesterday morning. This is the second time she has had the stomach bug now and this one is way worse than the first one we had before Christmas. She had a fever for almost 24 hours and was throwing up for almost 24 hours straight. Jazmin had it a second time also and only got better a few days ago. This particular bug is a different strain and is much nastier. I heard in the news that the HSC in St. John's was overwhelmed with influenza cases and gastrointestinal cases. Apparently it is widespread.

On a more positive note we purchased a snowmobile for James a few days ago. We can't wait to see the look on his face. He was wanting one for a long time.

The weather is warmed up finally after some extreme cold temperatures in the minus thirties. Labrador City reportedly had temperatures in the minus forties, this without the wind chill.

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