Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some wild weather today.

It was quite a day weather wise. The temperature got up to 31 degrees when the forecast maximum was 22 degrees. The normal temperature for this time of year is 9 degrees. Then the temperature plummeted from 31 degrees  down to 19 and then all the way down to 7 in two hours. And that's not all. When the temperature got cold we had a thunderstorm with lightning, thunder and heavy rain which lasted several hours. Total precipitation after it stopped raining was 11 millimeters. Very unusual to have a thunder storm this early. I have seen a thunder storm in early winter though and there is one recorded in October several years ago. The picture above shows some cumulus fractus below the cumulonimbus cloud.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Local news

Work has started at the crab plant once again. Early for work to be started, at the crab anyway. Renovations were being carried out on the plant all fall and winter. Julie and my Dad were lucky to get work at the plant this year. Two crab plants are closed this year which was very bad news for the communities of Black Tickle and St. Lewis as they were the only employer in their respective communities. Some people from Black Tickle were able to get work at the plant here and I would imagine there will BE more work at the plant here in Cartwright because there will be more boats bringing crab here now.

The icebreaker Ann Harvey was in yesterday to break up the ice. She also escorted a longliner in from Dumplin Island about 12 nautical miles North North East of here. Apparently they had stopped at Dumplin because they had run out of food and gas. Three of the crew walked all the way in to Cartwright on bad ice for help. They had contacted the Ann Harvey previously and had some rather heated words with the skipper.

The snow and ice is almost all gone now. Just a week ago me and Julie spent the night out at Hare Harbour about 15 nautical miles East of here. There are some geese and ducks around but not a whole lot. Robin birds and Morning Doves have come back and the familiar sound of Snipes flying in the air doing their annual mating ritual is a sure sign of Spring.

James' asthma attack

Turns out James had bronchiolitis which was caused by a virus. The nurse practitioner in Cartwright said it happens sometimes in boys his age around this time of year which was really surprising to me. He has to go to Goose Bay for pulmonary tests Monday and soon after he will see a pediatrician.