Saturday, August 21, 2010

This and That

The summer will soon be over, the nights are getting shorter and kids will be heading off to school again. So far it has been very busy for me with the new addition to our family, very little time for anything. Other than that this summer has been like other summers. There are lots of people visiting some just passing through some moving back for the summer to get their fish or bakeapples etc. This summer it seems like there are more people coming through even though there are fewer people travelling on the Sir Robert Bond. Phase III of the TLH is completed or almost complete and there is a lot of traffic coming through, some of the people have not been back here in a long time. We came back from Goose Bay on the Bond after Jazmin was born and it was possibly our last trip on her ever again as there are rumours that she will stop running at the end of August with the completion of Phase III of the TLH. And it was a good trip. Unlike years previous we had no trouble getting a room at all. There was hardly a soul on board compared to other summers when she would be packed. I counted just 8 vehicles when we got on in Goose Bay.
There are a lot of people coming and going in boat this summer. Mostly people visiting their summer places like Packs Harbour, Dumpling or Hare Harbour. You would have a hard time finding any bakeapples if you didn't get at them early because there were so many people out picking them. There were lots of whales and icebergs this summer. There were very few icebergs down on the Island portion of the province. A company that harvests ice from icebergs to make iceberg vodka had to come to Northern Labrador to find ice this year.
The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Mathew was here for several days doing underwater survey work I think. I heard about a fast boat travelling from St. John's in 12 hours. I heard she had three 300 horsepower engines and could do 70 knots and that she burned 9 drums of fuel by the time she arrived in Cartwright. The crew is supposed to go North to the Arctic, through the North West Passage and on to Vancouver.
Another bit of local news; Dr. Lisa Rankin and her crew finished up their second summer at Indian Island and had an open house invitation to the general public to come out and see what they are doing. Dr. Lisa Rankin is an archaeologist for M.U.N. and just completed the Porcupine Strand Archaeological Project a few years ago.
There was a Come Home Reunion at Indian Tickle last week.

Our new addition to the family

Our daughter, Jazmin Charmaine Holwell was born July 13, 2010, just over a month ago. She was 8 lbs 11 oz and delivered by c section. Were were a month or more waiting and Dr. Rawluk decided a c section was best because he didn't want the baby to stay in too long. Although the baby was moved down the cervix wasn't softening. The nurses and doctors, especially Dr. Rawluk and Nurse Browne were really great, they were really nice and helpful. We were very happy and after we got home we were glad to see our son James as well. We missed him very much(he was waiting at home with his nan and pop).