Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer has come and gone

Summer is over already or almost over. They stopped processing crab at the plant weeks ago now. Luckily Julie is still getting some work. Some of the boats are fishing turbot or shrimp and are offloading it here. Operation Swift Current got off about a week ago now. It was an exercise involving the Royal Canadian Air Force, Navy and Army, and Canadian Rangers. HMCS Goose Bay was in port to participate as did several aircraft. I didn't get to see any of it though. We had to have Jazmin medevaced to Goose Bay a couple days before and we ended up spending three or four days there. She had pneumonia.
Jazmin recovering in hospital
Blue berries and black berries are ripe. I picked about a liter or two of blue berries up by the weather station. Quite a few people are picking them. Bakeapples weren't as plentiful this year and there were a lot of people after them. We caught a few trout at Muddy Bay Pond today. Julie had one big char on but lost it. We were only in there a few times late this summer but it seemed the char were scarce this year.
James starts his first day of school tomorrow. He is very excited. He is doing well in therapy academically but his speech still needs a lot of improvement. Hopefully he won't have any trouble adjusting. I guess it is only natural for a parent to be a little worried especially if their little boy is autistic.
Weather wise the summer was pretty good. At first it was very hot, and now it is cold and wet. But most of the summer was pretty good with regards to weather and lately(up until today) the weather was really good, with no flies to bother us.

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